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Grass Fed

Who are we?

Ada Beef raises 100 % Natural, Grass Fed Angus Beef from birth to harvest. We are a family farm located in Ada, Mi and are committed to feeding our community with healthy, sustainably raised beef.

Farm to Fork

One of the greatest benefits of buying beef from your neighborhood farmer is that you know exactly how your beef is raised. Rather than purchasing an unknown, possibly bacteria and hormone filled piece of meat at the grocery store, why not go directly to the source? Buying beef right from the farmer gives you the transparency and peace of mind that you and your family deserves. There is no “behind the scenes” at Ada Beef.









Ada beef is a local, family owned farm located right in the heart of West Michigan. The health of our family, and the health of our community starts, literally, at the grassroots level. We wouldn’t feel comfortable selling a product that we wouldn’t feed to our own family.




We raise our cattle the way nature intended.

Our approach is simple. We let cows be cows.

All of the beef we sell is  hormone and antibiotic free. No additives. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. For the cattle, this means an improved quality of life. For you, this means you won’t ever see the word “artificial” on our packaging.

Not only is natural beef from our farm healthy, it is also humanely raised. Our cattle spend summers grazing lush pastures in the Ada/Lowell area, and winters munching on grass hay that we’ve stockpiled throughout the year. They have shade from the hot summer sun and shelter from the wind in the winter. We handle our cattle in a low stress manner with horses. We birth all of the calves on the farm and own them until they are ready to harvest. We love our cattle!




Why Grass-Fed?

What you see is what you get with our grass fed, black angus cattle. We aren’t willing to take shortcuts. Grass fed beef takes longer to raise, and grass costs more than corn. Why, you might ask, would we persist in raising a grass fed product? Simple. Great tasting beef that actually improves your health is truly possible!

Not only are our animals treated with the utmost care, they are held to a strict natural diet that is free of gmo’s, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. This clean, healthy diet creates a product rich in cholesterol-reducing Omega-3’s, as well as antioxidants and other heart healthy nutrients.
Grass-Fed Health Benefits








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